Lynda - Lighting with Flash: Portrait of a Beekeeper and His Bees

Photographer David Hobby uses compact strobes to shoot an environmental portrait of a beekeeper and his bees.

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In this installment of the Lighting with Flash series, photographer and publisher David Hobby employs compact flash units to light an outdoor environmental portrait of a beekeeper and his bees. For the portrait, David balances the light from two strobes with late-afternoon sunshine, using a snap-on grid to focus the light from one strobe and adjusting his camera's white balance to add warmth to shade-lit skin tones.

Next, David addresses a more challenging subject: a humming hive of honeybees. Working quickly for obvious reasons, David uses his camera's automatic, through-the-lens (TTL) flash-exposure mode along with a ring-light adaptor for the strobe. The course concludes with some insights on David's approach to lighting and his choice of subject matter.

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29m 9s
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David Hobby