Lynda - Digital Matte Painting 5: Camera Projection in Maya

Transform a 2D matte painting into a 3D scene, complete with a moving camera, shifting perspective, and an animated background.

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What really makes a matte painting come to life? A technique called camera projection can transform a 2D matte painting—like the fiery castle built in previous installments of this series—into a 3D scene, complete with a moving camera and shifting perspective. In this, the fifth and final installment of Digital Matte Painting Essentials, David Mattingly shows how to use Maya's powerful toolset to add perspective and animation. First, you'll break out the layers of the painting, create rough geometry inside Maya to match the forms, and then project texture onto those forms to give them depth. Then you'll learn how to add an animated camera, special effects, and create a fully realized 3D environment from the painting.

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3h 22m
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David Mattingly