Lynda - Dan Roarty: Creating Realistic 3D Portraits

Learn how character artist Dan Roarty creates his hyperrealistic 3D portraits with tools like Maya, Mudbox, Knald, and Photoshop.

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In this Start to Finish, character artist Dan Roarty walks us through the process of creating one of his hyperrealistic 3D portraits, "Happy Birthday, Nana," a tribute to his late grandmother. Dan shows how he uses the sculpting tools in Mudbox and Maya to create the basic bust form and adds the layers upon layers of detail, texture, and tone with programs like Knald and Shave and a Haircut. Finally, he lights the scene and composites the final render passes in Photoshop to create a realistic portrait that honors his grandmother's memory. Dive in to find out how he does it.

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35m 8s
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Dan Roarty