Lynda - Flash: Hand-Drawn Animation

Achieve a richer, more dynamic look for your Flash-based animation by incorporating hand-drawn animation techniques.

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Looking for a richer, more dynamic look for your Flash-based animation? Hand-drawn animation is an alternative to a strict symbol-based technique, which combines the looseness of line drawing with the efficiency of Flash features like tweening. Dermot O' Connor introduces this technique, starting with how to create thumbnails and pose tests, refine your timing, and lock down keyframes. He shows how to add breakdown drawings to smooth out the animation and add the in-betweens that complete the "traditional" look and feel. The final chapters are dedicated to cleanup and a couple of hybrid approaches: one using hand-drawn in-between frames to transition a difficult character turn in Flash, and the other taking advantage of Timewarp effect in After Effects to retime an animation.

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Dermot O' Connor