Lynda - Nuke 8 New Features

Join digital compositing pioneer Steve Wright for a tour of the new features in Nuke 8.

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Join digital compositing pioneer and Nuke compositing authority Steve Wright for a tour of the new features in the latest Nuke release from The Foundry. Chapter 2 of this course covers Nuke's 2D enhancements, including video scopes and the Pixel Analyzer, as well as Dope Sheet, viewer, and Text node updates. Chapter 3 digs into the 3D features, including the new ParticleCache and EditGeo nodes and brand-new camera tracking for still photos—a feature Nuke artists have long anticipated.

Note: This course is specifically designed for current Nuke artists who just want to learn about the new features in Nuke. For a more thorough exploration of Nuke 8, check out Steve's Nuke 8 Essential Training course.

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1h 24m
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Steve Wright