Lynda - Audio Post Workflow with Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x & Pro Tools

Demonstrates how to transfer audio from Final Cut Pro X v10.1.x to Pro Tools with X2 Pro Audio Convert.

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Transferring audio from Final Cut Pro X to Pro Tools and back can be a tricky endeavor when Final Cut Pro doesn't support OMF transfers. But X2 Pro Audio Convert is a program that can make this exchange quick and easy. In this course, Scott Hirsch demonstrates how to transfer audio utilizing X2Pro Audio—an invaluable workflow designed to help optimize and finish the audio of your Final Cut Pro video project. He imports the audio into Pro Tools and then demonstrates how to make a Pro Tools template for future transfer projects. The course also includes some key EQ and noise-reduction techniques that can take your audio for video projects to the next level. The final chapters show how to mix down the audio and export it back to Final Cut Pro X.

Note: This course was updated to reflect the changes to Final Cut Pro X v. 10.1.x. Although the course was not re-recorded from scratch, we updated the applicable movies by adding text overlays to guide you to existing changes. We also updated the exercise files to work with the most current version of the software. Please watch the "Using the exercise files" movie to learn exactly what to expect from this updated course. Working with an earlier version of Final Cut Pro X? Watch Audio Post Workflow with Final Cut Pro X v10.0.9 and Pro Tools.

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1h 3m
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Scott Hirsch