Lynda - Creating Cityscapes in Maya

Learn to design, model, and render a detailed cityscape with Illustrator and Maya.

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Follow along with Adam Crespi as he designs, models, and renders a detailed cityscape with Maya. After gathering reference materials, Adam designs the basic structure and components of the city in Adobe Illustrator, generating reusable symbols to represent trees, lights, and buildings. With the plan in hand, Adam dives into Maya, creating proxy objects as he lays out the city to scale. Each element is then set up as a reference object and duplicated throughout the scene, using containers and mental ray Proxy objects. The final chapter shows you how to add a matte-painting background to your scene and check the composite in Nuke. Adam also includes a bonus movie featuring a real-world example project: a simulation of a crane moving on a studio backlot.

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3h 2m
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Adam Crespi