Lynda - Creating Wood 3D Textures

Create a realistic wood texture, complete with grain, knots, and whorls, with Photoshop, and apply it to a scene in 3ds Max.

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Creating Textures shows you how to build custom textures in Photoshop and put them to work in 3D modeling programs. In this installment, author Adam Crespi takes you through the steps needed to create realistic wood patterns. He begins in Photoshop, creating a wood texture, complete with grain, color variation, knots, whorls, and loops, which he then overlays on planks for wood flooring. He also "ages" the texture for use with antique furniture. In the second part of the course, Adam links the texture to a 3ds Max material and applies the material, along with some diffuse, specular, and normal maps—for shine and reflectivity—to a 3D scene.

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1h 6m
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Adam Crespi