Lynda - Edge Animate Essential Training

Discover how to use Edge Animate to create interactive designs and animated motion graphics for websites, mobile apps, digital magazines, and ebooks.

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Adobe Edge Animate offers a new way of creating rich and interactive animated content for websites, mobile apps, and ebooks. Like to code? You can access the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that powers your compositions from the Edge Code interface. If you're not an avid programmer, you can use Edge Animate's more design-friendly features to build the same graphics without code.

Want to learn more? Join Chris Converse in this course, as he covers all the essentials of this powerful toolset. Chris shows how to build basic compositions with shapes, text, images, and HTML5 video; animate the different elements; trigger actions and events; and incorporate custom CSS and JavaScript effects. He also shows how to make your Edge Animate layouts responsive, embed web fonts, and accommodate older browsers. When your composition is complete, learn how to add it to a webpage or take content into other applications like InDesign, Dreamweaver, Muse, and iBooks Author.

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4h 44m
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Chris Converse