Pluralsight - ADO.NET Fundamentals in C#

Learn the most efficient method to access data in your SQL database using ADO.NET. Learn to simplify ADO.NET to just a few lines of code.

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In this course, ADO.NET Fundamentals in C#, you find out why ADO.NET is still relevant in today's ORM world. First you learn how to connect and submit queries to a database. Next you learn the fastest way to retrieve data using a DataReader. You then learn to handle exceptions and report back great debugging information. Disconnected classes such as a DataTable, DataSet and DataViews are explored next. Working with a the ADO.NET builder classes help automate some of your ADO.NET code. Finally, you see a great set of wrapper classes you can use to eliminate up to 90% of the ADO.NET code you used to have to write, without sacrificing efficiency. When you are finished with this course you will have the skills and knowledge to access databases in the most efficient manner possible, while using the least amount of code. Software required: Visual Studio 2019, .NET 4.5+, C#.

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2h 28m
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Paul D. Sheriff