Lynda - Artists and Their Work: Conversations about Mograph VFX and Digital Art

Rob Garrott interviews storyboard artists, animators, VFX artists, and other film-industry pros in this series of creative conversations.

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Rob Garrott,'s video content manager, got the chance to sit down with nine influential artists to talk about their work, their inspirations, their tools, and the industry as a whole. The series kicks off with a conversation with Kris Pearn, storyboard artist for Sony Animation, and one of the people "drawing the movement" behind movies like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We also include interviews with the following industry pros:

  • Nick Campbell, motion graphics artist, photographer, and entrepreneur

  • Marc Potocnik, designer and 3d artist

  • Tim Clapham, VFX artist and educator

  • Alan Torres and Stephen Morton (Cantina Creative), design and visual effects artists

  • Aaron Limonick, concept artist

  • Mike Lowes, 3D animator and technical director

  • Lorcan O'Shanahan, motion graphics artist

  • Scott Keating, 3D artist and illustrator

  • Clear Menser, visual effects artist

  • John Robson, motion graphics artist and filmmaker

  • Grant Miller, VFX supervisor

  • Tomasz Opasinski, creative director and movie poster artist

    • Watch for fresh insights into the careers and creative processes of these working professionals.

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Rob Garrott