Pluralsight - Go: Getting Started

Go is the simple yet powerful language that is revolutionizing how web services and devops tools are created. In this course, you'll learn everything you need to get started creating your own Go applications.

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Go is one of the most exciting programming languages in the world today. It challenges the compromises that many languages make and dares to embrace simplicity and clarity as core design principles. In this course, Go: Getting Started, you will learn foundational knowledge to create your own Go applications. First, you will discover how to get Go set up on your system. Next, you will explore the language itself. Finally, you will put it all together by building your own simple, but fully capable web service. When you're finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of Go needed to create your own basic applications and have a firm foundation to continue your journey into mastering the Go language.

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3h 29m
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Mike Van Sickle