Lynda - Maya 2016 Extension 2 New Features

Find out how to use the new features in Maya 2016 Extension 2, including the Content Browser, MASH networks, Quick Rig, the Pose Editor, Light Editor, and Render Setup dialog.

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Autodesk has refined their release strategy for Maya. Instead of updates, subscribers have exclusive access to extensions, which build new tools and workflows on top of Maya's already robust toolset. Extension 1 included a 3D text tool and SVG support. Extension 2 is here and it provides even more great features. In this course, George Maestri reviews Maya 2016 Extension 2, including the new Content Browser, camera tools, modeling enhancements (including the MASH procedural animation system), character rigging tools, Light Editor, and Render Setup window. Watch these videos to see the extension in action, and get tips to incorporate the new toolset into your Maya workflow.

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1h 24m
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George Maestri