Lynda - Creating Fire and Brimstone Type Animation Motion Graphics in After Effects

Motion graphics and VFX artist Ran Ben Avraham shows how to use the 3D and compositing features in After Effects to create a volcanic landscape and 3D type.

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After Effects is a very versatile tool. On one hand, it's a powerful compositing and post-production program. On the other hand, it is capable of producing some very impressive 3D visuals, with the help of plugins like FreeForm Pro.

In this course, you'll learn to take advantage of these powerful features. The first half of this course uses AE as if it were true 3D software, producing a unique 3D landscape—a volcano spouting fire and brimstone—rendered into several image sequence passes. In the second half, author Ran Ben Avraham shows how to use AE's powerful compositing abilities to combine the render passes, add environment particles, build 3D text, and use a few post-production tricks to produce this "volcanic" scene.

Like all of our project-based learning experiences, each step of the process is rich with object lessons that are applicable to scenarios the motion design artist will face in real-world productions.

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3h 20m
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Ran Ben Avraham