Lynda - V-Ray RT: Production Rendering

Find out how to use V-Ray RT in 3ds Max as a bona fide production renderer, even in a compositing-based pipeline with After Effects.

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Find out how to use V-Ray RT as a bona fide production renderer in 3ds Max, even in a compositing-based pipeline. V-Ray RT has caught up to the standard production renderer in Max, with an engine that can take advantage of CPU and GPU processing; it's no longer just a tool for quick preview renders. This course shows how to set up V-Ray RT as an ActiveShade renderer and start adding geometry and cameras, creating animations, applying materials and lighting, and adjusting render settings for a professional-looking, efficient render in 3ds Max. Brian Bradley teaches all these techniques as he progresses through a mini-project, concluding with a brief chapter on compositing your final render in After Effects. The examples help show how V-Ray RT can be put to use in a simplified real-world production scenario, where speed and flexibility are equally important.

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3h 25m
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Brian Bradley