Lynda - Projection Mapping Union Station's History

Be inspired by watching a short documentary. Quixotic, a Kansas City–based design team, explain the technical challenges and design choices behind their Union Station projection mapping project.

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Be inspired! Our documentaries follow top professionals as they explain the challenges and choices behind their latest projects. In this film, we see how Quixotic, a Kansas City–based design team, tells the story of an institution at the heart of their community, Union Station. To celebrate the depot's centennial, the city decided to go big, hiring Quixotic to tell the story of Union Station on Union Station, using the art of projection mapping. Learn how Quixotic accomplished the technical aspects of the project—breaking down the 10-story building into 9 After Effects compositions projected from 6 angles by 12 different projectors—and the design choices they made to merge history, story, and spectacle.

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14m 5s
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