Lynda - RAD Lab: Revitalizing the City Block

Find out how three students turned their architecture thesis into a successful community hub, Quartyard. Watch this documentary and let their passion inspire your next project.

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Architects do more than draw plans. They can revitalize cities and build communities by creating inventive shared spaces. Quartyard started as the thesis project of three students—Philip Auchettl, David Loewenstein, and Jason Grauten—and became a reality: a temporary urban park on a vacant lot in the middle of San Diego's once blighted East Village district. Quartyard rolls everything you'd want in your own backyard into a community space, with a venue for live music, BBQ, bar, coffee cart, and even a dog park. Discover how Philip, David, and Jason—aka RAD Lab—used shipping containers, inventive design, high-fidelity renderings, and a lot of collaboration with city planners to realize their vision. Let their passion inspire your next project.

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