Lynda - Unreal: Lighting

Create realistic, physically based lighting for 2D and 3D games with Unreal Engine 4.

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Unreal's shading and lighting pipeline now approaches film quality, thanks to its implementation of advanced features such as Lightmass global illumination. What more can you want from an open-source game engine? Join Tom Sirdevan as he shows how to create realistic, physically based lighting for your own games with Unreal Engine 4. He begins with a look at direct lighting (point, spot, and directional lights) and then moves into the indirect lighting domain, including skylights, global illumination, and reflection capture. Learn how the lights differ, and how to optimize their use for real-time performance with static, stationary, and dynamic game types. Chapter 3 covers deferred shading, distance fields, and dynamic skies with Blueprint. Post-process effects like bloom, lens flare, vignettes, and depth of field finish off the scene and the course.

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1h 32m
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Tom Sirdevan