Lynda - Maya 2016: Bifröst Fluids

Learn to render realistic animated liquids in Maya with the Bifröst fluid dynamics engine.

تاریخ انتشار

Bifröst is a fluid dynamics engine for high-quality liquids in visual effects, combining the best of volumetric and particle solvers in one tool. This course offers an overview of the Bifröst implementation in Autodesk Maya. Using emitter, collider, accelerator, and liquid property nodes, Aaron F. Ross simulates a medium-scale liquid effect and stores it to disk as a cache. Rendering the surface at full quality requires generating an animated polygon mesh; for a convincing layered material, he shows how to extract Bifröst channel data such as Vorticity and apply it in a shading network. The course concludes with a look at the Aero Solver for atmospheric effects.

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2h 43m
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Aaron F. Ross