Lynda - AutoCAD Customization for CAD Managers

CAD managers: Learn how to customize AutoCAD to improve the efficiency and productivity of your team. Find out how to customize templates, tool palettes, scripts, and more.

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Every company customizes Autodesk software at some level—especially AutoCAD. By standardizing the customizations, you can ensure that all your designers are using the same workspace and working in the most efficient way possible. Here Josh Modglin shows CAD managers how to customize the AutoCAD interface, preferences, templates, tool palettes, and symbol libraries to maximize your team's productivity. He also covers scripting and working with external files, such as line type definitions and hatch patterns. Make sure to check out the "LISP for CAD Managers" chapter where Josh introduces simple LISP programming routines to automate some of the most common AutoCAD tasks.

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2h 6m
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Josh Modglin