Lynda - AutoCAD Facilities Management: Areas

Learn how to use AutoCAD for computer-aided facilities management (CAFM).
Find out how to measure and define available area, and use that data to annotate drawings or export to Excel.

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High-quality facility drawings give organizations the information they need to assign, redesign, and reallocate space, whether it's for manufacturing or offices. When it comes to computer-aided facilities management (CAFM), there is one tool: AutoCAD, Autodesk's flagship CAD platform for Windows and OS X. Get the skills you need to use AutoCAD to calculate available area, understand which percentage is usable space, and export drawings and data for analysis and presentation. Concentrating on the basics, this course guides you step-by-step through a realistic CAFM project, allowing you to learn at your own pace and develop your skills as you go. Author Shaun Bryant shows how to set up drawings, define and measure areas, set up facilities area tables, and annotate drawings. By the end of the course, you'll be able to export the information to applications such as Microsoft Excel, so you can analyze the data in a tabular format.

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2h 25m
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Shaun Bryant