Lynda - Squarespace Essential Training: Ecommerce

Learn how to configure your Squarespace site to sell goods, services, and more.

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Interested in selling your products online? In this course, Jen Kramer helps you get started by stepping through how to configure ecommerce on your Squarespace site. Jen shows how to create a website for physical products that need shipping and digital products that need downloading. She also shares how to create a site for service products that require in-person or virtual attendance at an event, how to create variants for a service product, and how to list a service product in a calendar listing. Plus, learn how to configure payments and emails for your physical, digital, or service products, how to offer gift cards, and more. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll be ready to get your own ecommerce site up and running using this popular online authoring platform.

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2h 28m
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Jen Kramer