Lynda - Learning Static Site Building with Hugo

Learn how to build cloud-hosted static websites that are dramatically faster, cheaper, and more secure with Hugo.

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Websites are a key part of modern business. Having a professional-looking website adds legitimacy to everything you sell and say. Hugo is a static site generator that can help you build a simple website in minutes—without any plugins or advanced programming. In fact, you may find the static websites you build with Hugo are dramatically faster, cheaper, and more secure than those built with dynamic platforms like WordPress. In this course, instructor Nate Barbettini explains how to build professional-looking, cloud-hosted websites with Hugo. Learn how to set up Hugo, choose a template, add posts and pages, and build your site. Nate also discusses the various deployment options available for publishing: FTP, Amazon Web Services, and hosting services like Netlify.

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1h 23m
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Nate Barbettini