Lynda - Digital Citizenship

Learn how to help students practice good digital citizenship. Find out how to communicate, search, and shop while staying safe online.

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What does it mean to be a digital citizen? Good digital citizens use technology in appropriate and respectful ways, and build community in every corner of the Internet. In 21st century education, helping students become good digital citizens—who communicate, search, and stay safe online—is part of every educator's responsibilities.

This course helps teachers and students understand the ideas and areas of digital citizenship. Oliver Schinkten describes the impact of our digital footprint. He shows how to participate in online communities, help students deal with cyberbullying, keep computers free of viruses and malware, and safely shop online.

The overall focus of this course is on educators and tips for teaching digital citizenship. But if you use the Internet for any reason—for communication, playing games, online shopping, interacting within communities, or any other reason—it is important to understand digital citizenship. Understanding your rights and responsibilities will help you stay safe and have a better experience online.

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1h 31m
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Oliver Schinkten