Lynda - Lighting with LED Panels

Learn why and how to use continuous lighting sources such as LED panels for photography. Discover how to tackle portraits and product photography with LEDs, use LEDs outside, and more.

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Lighting with flash is convenient, but if you're working in a studio setting, you might also want to consider LED panels. Along with other continuous lighting sources, LED panels have the advantage of enabling you to see and tweak your lighting without having to make a lot of test shots. What's more, the new generation of LED panels are more affordable and portable than ever. Unlike flash, they also work beautifully for video shoots.

In this course, photographer and educator Abba Shapiro details the why and how behind using LED panels and other continuous lighting sources for photography. He covers the pros and cons of shooting with continuous LED lights, reviews the different types of LED lights, explains how to tackle portraits and product photography with LEDs, and shows how to work with LEDs when you're outside.

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1h 9m
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Abba Shapiro