Lynda - SketchUp for Set Design

Design a set for theatre or film in SketchUp Pro, and render detailed presentation and construction drawings with SU Podium and V-Ray.

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The details of 3D modeling can be overwhelming when you design your first set. Using SketchUp frees the designer and builder from worrying about perspective and proportion. John Romeo guides you through the process of making each piece of scenery contained in the set and creating polished presentation and construction drawings using SketchUp Pro and the SU Podium and V-Ray renderers. Learn how to create a simple ground plan and start adding the walls, posts, beams, skylight, backdrop, and other construction details. Discover how to add furniture and props, and design a realistic lighting grid. By the end of the course, you should be able to put together a drawing package for a basic loft set.

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3h 34m
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John Romeo