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Get tips to improve the quality and efficiency of your corporate video productions. Learn to record professional interviews, presentations, and training videos.

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Corporate video teams need to be skilled in every aspect of production, not just behind the camera. You need to know how to conduct and stage interviews, record screen capture presentations, record on the go with a smartphone, set up lighting, and even help pick wardrobe. Get tips to improve the quality your corporate video productions, in this weekly series from video gurus Rich Harrington and Robbie Carman. Together, they tackle the most common challenges of corporate video, including researching your subject, dressing the part, creating talking points, preparing release forms, capturing the right angles, and getting the best performance from the interview. Plus, learn audio and video recording techniques for creating professional-looking screen capture tutorials and presentations. There's more to learn each week! Tune in every Friday for a new episode of Corporate Video Weekly.

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Richard Harrington