Lynda - Learning Adobe Animate CC

Get started with Adobe Animate CC. Learn how to use Animate to create rich graphics and interactive animations for websites, apps, and games.

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Produce rich, interactive graphics and animations for websites, video, apps, games, and more with Adobe Animate CC. Join Joseph Labrecque as he demonstrates the basics, starting with creating a new project and using the interface and basic toolset: the panels, the workspace, the stage, the timeline, and the pasteboard. Joseph then shows how to import existing assets such as Photoshop and Illustrator files and create your own using the text, drawing, and image editing tools in Animate. He also explains how to convert your assets into reusable symbols that can be stored in the project library. Of course, this course wouldn't be complete without a breakdown of all the essential animation features in Animate. So you get to see how to manage the timeline, animate shapes and symbols with tweens and the Motion Editor, code interactive elements such as buttons, and finally publish your project to various formats

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2h 42m
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Joseph Labrecque