Lynda - Logic Production Techniques: Making Beats

Guides you through the process of making beats for hip-hop, electronic dance, or any other commercial genre of music in Logic Pro.

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Let internationally recognized music producer and Logic Pro presenter Dot Bustelo guide you through the process of creating professional beats for hip-hop, electronic dance, or other commercial music genres in Logic Pro. It all starts with choosing the right drum kit for your song, after which Dot covers recording, quantizing, and arranging your tracks of drums, bass, and synth lines. She then
introduces the built-in drum machine Ultrabeat, showing how to step sequence, design your own custom sounds, and create glitchy effects. Next, discover some creative uses for Apple Loops, to adapt completely to the pitch and feel of your song. Then dive deeper into the unique tools for making beats and learn how to time-stretch, quantize, and regroove with Flex Audio, as well as add the most advanced, subtle swing to your beats and broaden your sounds with drum replacement. The final chapter focuses on techniques specific to electronic music, including warping a beat with Space Designer, side-chaining, and making DJ and turntable speed fades.

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Dot Bustelo