Lynda - Learning REAPER 4

Learn your way around REAPER, an inexpensive but powerful DAW for recording live performances and MIDI tracks.

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REAPER stands out among other digital audio workstations for its customization options and the fact that it integrates with almost any hardware. Join author Garrick Chow as he shows you how to get around the interface and get started capturing your music. He shows how to set up a new project, record live audio and MIDI, and import prerecorded tracks, and demonstrates the record modes, input settings, and auto-punch features. Then learn how to perform common editing techniques in REAPER, including trimming, ripple editing, creating fades, and looping. Finally, Garrick dives into the REAPER mixing features, showing how to apply effects, use sends, add automation, and mix down and export the final track.

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2h 36m
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Garrick Chow