Lynda - Michael Beinhorn with Bobby Owsinski: Herbie Hancock to Alt Rock

Music producer Bobby Owsinski interviews producer and industry critic/advocate Michael Beinhorn about his career, influences, and inspirations.

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In this series, music producer Bobby Owsinski interviews iconic audio- and music-industry personalities: the outliers, forward thinkers, and rule breakers. This installment features producer and industry critic/industry advocate Michael Beinhorn.

Co-writer and producer of Herbie Hancock's 1983 mega-hit "Rockit," Michael Beinhorn has worked with Soundgarden, Hole, Marilyn Manson, and Ozzy Osbourne, among others. His How To Save Popular Music blog is a witty and acerbic commentary on many facets of the industry. In this interview, Bobby and Michael chat about Michael's career, influences, and inspirations, and the future of pop music.

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