Lynda - 20 Unofficial Rules of Songwriting

Professional songwriter Cliff Goldmacher reveals 20 unofficial songwriting rules that can make your songs more engaging and memorable.

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While there are technically no limits when it comes to songwriting, here are 20 "unofficial" rules that songwriters employ to make songs more engaging and memorable. And it's not just commercial songwriters. These rules are used in many of the popular and GRAMMY-winning songs you hear today. In this course, Cliff Goldmacher reveals tips from the professional songwriter's rulebook, starting with 10 rules about lyrics: staying conversational, using concrete details, and keeping your rhyme schemes the same in similar sections. He then discusses five rules for melodies, including why you should keep melodies simple, unique, and accessible, and how to make them more memorable with repetition. The last five rules tackle familiar song structures and tips for shortening sections of songs.

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Cliff Goldmacher