Lynda - Learning Ableton Operator

Learn how to use Operator, Ableton Live's virtual synthesizer, to create unique synth sounds.

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Many people use the synthesizers included with Ableton Live to create music these days, and Operator is one of the most popular. Operator uses frequency modulation (FM), a type of synthesis that lets you create a wide variety of sounds, from mellow to aggressive. In this course, author Rick Schmunk explains how to get the best sounds from this fantastic virtual synth—available only in Ableton Live. He starts with how to create sounds using oscillators and sculpt the sounds with filters. Next, he creates motion in the sounds using modulation. Rick wraps up the course with demonstrations on how to create a number of archetypal FM synthesizer sounds: processed EP, house bass, screaming lead, and more.

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2h 22m
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Rick Schmunk