Lynda - Creating a Short Film: 08 Editing

In this installment of the Creating a Short Film series, learn how to enhance and punch up your story using key editing techniques.

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Learn what it actually takes to create a short film—from the brainstorming stage, all the way until opening night. Each installment of the 13-part Creating a Short Film series focuses on different aspects of the production workflow. Here, filmmaker Chad Perkins focuses on editing, providing real-world context by showing how the concepts highlighted in the course were applied in the making of The Assurance, the short film featured throughout the series. Chad starts with the basics of the editing workflow. He then goes over fundamental techniques, including how to select the right take, create a montage, and determine when to cut. Plus, learn how to reframe shots, create a rough cut, make rolling end credits, export shots, render for film festivals and theatrical screenings, and much more.

Topics include:
  • Telling stories with edits
  • Syncing audio and video
  • Matching eyelines
  • Knowing when not to cut
  • Controlling the pacing
  • Controlling emotion with shot size
  • Working with audio
  • Creating a rough cut
  • Creating end credits
  • Rendering and output

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4h 48m
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Chad Perkins