Lynda - MASCHINE and Ableton Live: Integrating the Apps

Learn how to use MASCHINE as a plugin for your favorite DAW. Start recording live performances and MIDI and creating loops for use in Ableton Live.

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MASCHINE and Ableton Live are two of the hottest products in the DAW market these days. Luckily for music producers, they work really well together. Ableton Certified Trainer JK Swopes gives you tips to make the integration as seamless as possible and start recording live performances, MIDI, and loops with MASCHINE for use in Ableton Live. Learn how to properly route MIDI, export MASCHINE project files for use as Ableton audio clips, and trigger kits and instruments with MIDI controllers and Ableton Push. Plus, find out how to use MASCHINE for real-time MIDI recording and for JK's favorite setup: recording audio directly into Ableton Live tracks.

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JK Swopes