Lynda - Learning Modular Synthesis: Moog Mother-32 Semimodular Synth

Learn how to create your own sounds with the Moog Mother-32 semimodular synth. Find out how to create basic patches, use the sequencer, and connect it to other synthesizer modules.

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The Moog Mother-32 is a very popular starter instrument for those looking to get into modular synthesis. It contains a capable one-oscillator synthesizer voice with a Moog design filter, as well as surprisingly full-featured step sequencer. Best of all, it's a semimodular synth in that all of its components are already wired together and able to create sounds right out of the box. But it also contains a Patch panel, allowing you to override its internal wiring as well as connect it to external synthesizer modules. Synth designer Chris Meyer gives you a quick-start introduction to all three of these sections of the Moog Mother-32, including how to mount the Mother-32 into a Eurorack-format case, plus important advice on the first external modules you might want to add to it.

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