Lynda - Cert Prep: Unity Materials and Lighting

Become a Unity certified developer and boost your employability and skills. This course helps you prepare for the materials and lighting portion of the Unity Certified Associate exam.

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Become Unity certified and show employers you have the Unity skills they are looking for. Improve your chances of landing that dream job doing what you love most—making games, architectural visualizations, or films. This course helps you study for the lighting and materials portion of the Unity Certified Associate exam. Instructor Alan Thorn discusses creating basic materials, as well as physically based rendering (PBR) materials for simulating real-world objects like metal and wood. He also helps you get started with lighting, exploring direct and indirect illumination, point and spot lights, and dynamic lighting for more believable scenes. Then find out how to boost the performance and efficiency of your Unity projects with light mapping, light probes, and occlusion culling. Plus, learn how to apply post-processing effects such as blur, depth of field and grain, and color grading.

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1h 56m
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Alan Thorn