Lynda - Audition: Third-Party Plugins

Discover how to strengthen and extend the built-in capabilities of Adobe Audition with third-party plugins. Learn how to repair audio with iZotope RX, use plugins for creative sound design, and mix audio with Neutron.

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While Adobe Audition is an incredibly powerful and versatile application, you can strengthen and extend its built-in capabilities with third-party plugins. In this course, Paul Murphy shares some of his favorite plugins, when to use them, and most importantly, how they can significantly enhance and accelerate your audio post-production work. Explore how to repair audio with iZotope RX and leverage a selection of key plugins—including Trash 2, which you can use to add distortion to sounds—for creative sound design. Plus, learn how to work with some of the tools and features in Neutron, the mixing plugin from iZotope.

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1h 35m
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Paul Murphy