Lynda - The Songwriting Process

Get tips for a more productive songwriting process. Learn how to set up your songwriting space, eliminate distractions, develop your chords and lyrics, work with a cowriter, and publish your songs.

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Songwriting is a craft that requires creativity and discipline. By adopting a regular process, you can set yourself up for more productive and inspired sessions. In this course, professional songwriter and music industry veteran Cliff Goldmacher offers tips, tricks, and workflow suggestions for new and experienced songwriters alike. You can learn how to set up your songwriting space for effortless creativity, how to research your ideas, how to overcome writer's block and procrastination, how to develop chords and lyrics, and how to write better songs overall. Plus, get tips for working effectively with a cowriter and sharing your songs once they are complete.

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28m 33s
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Cliff Goldmacher