Lynda - One Minute Motivational Tips for Songwriters

Get quick, helpful songwriting tips to help you find inspiration, stay motivated, and focus on your music.

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Songwriters sometimes encounter creative roadblocks. Even the most passionate musicians can get discouraged. In this course, Cliff Goldmacher offers a series of quick tips to keep yourself motivated and focused on your music. He breaks the advice down into three key areas: songwriting pointers, career tips, and big-picture observations to keep everything in perspective. The tips range from mental nudges and motivators, to setting up your environment and planning your session to make the most of your time. You can also learn how to overcome writer’s block and find inspiration to write when creativity is at a low. Whether you’re an experienced pro that needs a fresh start or a new songwriter that doesn’t know where to begin, Cliff’s tips will help you reset and refocus, so songwriting feels effortless and enjoyable again.

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Cliff Goldmacher