Lynda - SketchUp for Architecture: Details

Learn how to build complex construction from simple components in SketchUp. Following some essential organizational strategies, learn how to control visibility and selection with Outliner and Layers to create a brick and block cavity detail with a realistic timber casement window.

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This installment of SketchUp for Architecture picks up where Fundamentals left off. Paul J. Smith shows how to create some typical construction details for a residential building project with SketchUp. He'll start with the foundations and then build up the external cavity wall with brick and block components to the slab level before completing the wall, adding a window opening, and installing a timber casement window created from imported CAD profiles. He'll also load and add premade materials for a more realistic appearance and export the model for rendering in LayOut.

This installment concentrates on organizing the details in your scenes with the Outliner and Layers panels. As the course shows, well-built and organized SketchUp components allow architects to have greater flexibility at every stage of the design process.

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4h 45m
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Paul J. Smith