Lynda - Programmatic Advertising Foundations

Find out how to automate digital media buying and create more efficient, better targeted campaigns. Learn the fundamentals of programmatic advertising.

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How do you buy ads when the customer can be anywhere, at any time? Programmatic advertising automates digital media buying. By using software and algorithms to select buys, your ad placement becomes more nimble and efficient. You can be exactly where the customer is—instantly.

Here marketing expert Adriaan Brits shows members the fundamentals of programmatic advertising. Learn how to examine audience insights and pick a real-time advertising platform that can help you understand when and where to place ads. Discover how to target advertising for video, mobile, and apps, and work with LinkedIn, Facebook, and the Google Display Network. Plus, find out how to create campaigns, use advanced targeting to reach B2B decision makers, and act on valuable audience insights.

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