Lynda - Audit and Due Diligence Foundations

Approach audits and due diligence (DD) projects the right way. Learn about the different types of audits, audit and DD processes, and best practices for auditing ethically and effectively.

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Audits are a critical part of finance, but they're not solely within the purview of CPAs. Audits and due diligence projects are supported by consultants, analysts, and finance professionals—and even by people who have little or no formal financial training. In this course, financial expert Jason Schenker helps to acquaint you with the fundamentals of audits and due diligence (DD) projects. Jason doesn't focus on the mathematical calculations that play a role in audits; instead, he provides a general overview of the processes involved. He explores the different kinds of audits—from internal and independent audits to the tax audits that are initiated by the government—and reviews key audit and DD processes. Plus, he shares best practices for auditing a company's financial data, business processes, and assets ethically and effectively.

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1h 46m
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Jason Schenker