Lynda - 3D Printing & Modeling Household Parts

Find out how easy and rewarding 3D printing can be. Learn how to print household parts like replacement knobs and hardware mounts at home.

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Missing a knob, bracket, latch, or other household part? Replacement parts are hard to come by, and can be difficult to find. Discover how easy and rewarding it is to 3D print your own parts. In this course, Tanya Staples and Greg Pickard show how to put today's 3D printing technology to work in the home. Together, they'll show you how to measure a part, model it in SketchUp, print a prototype on a desktop 3D printer, and make sure the part fits. Plus, learn how to use third-party services such as Shapeways to print the part in metal or another industrial-grade material.

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31m 9s
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Tanya Staples